More than

Own driver
Frequency of departure

———— Yonggui service————
The company's principles: customer first, integrity-based, mutual benefit, innovation We will provide you with the best value for money transportation solutions, and establish long-term strategic partnership with you.
Long-haul service
Travel in excess of 500km, normally for regional distribution centre (RDC) replenishment

Last mile delivery
Commonly referred to as “milk run” or city delivery

Regional transportation service
Short day trip return to nearby county or cities,Current resources focus on Yangtze Delta, Pearl Delta

Warehousing service
Currently used mainly for staging ,Customer Example : BaXi ,LongFong  etc.(staging area for prior night’s production and preparing for last mile distribution)

Transportation system
Storage system
Yonggui service advantage
National transportation network, 6 offices to serve customers.

The goods transported are covered by cold storage insurance.

Our advantage is to provide value-added services to those customers who require high-quality services, and have a price advantage.

Powerful multinational customers
he company's customers are evenly distributed, and 40% of its annual turnover comes from the top five customers···
Experienced management team
One stop customer service, order receiving, tracking, reporting, document processing and other centralized services···
Adopt advanced science and technology
All the vehicles are within 2 years old, and have good experience in vehicle maintenance···
National Transportation Network
Yonggui cold chain logistics office includes Shanghai, ShantouBeijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu···

———— Cold chain optimization and upgrading————
Our strengths are in providing value adding services to customers who demand high level of service at competitive prices.
Set up a national customer service team to unify the customer docking window, and the customer service team will track the customer order processing process in the whole process, and feed back to the corresponding team for processing at the first time, so as to avoid problem backlog.
Foreign capital Injection
Reshaped organization structure
Service group
Complete replacement of warehouse operation equipment
YG was purchased by Singapore company in 2016, and the shareholder would like to bring International management concept to accelerate in the layout of the whole country and Improve on the informatization inorder to improve service quality.
restructured Operations and Finance & Business Control units, established a new Business Development unit, all these working hand in hand to optimize the organization for greater efficiency.
Adopt brand new imported forklift to operate in the warehouse.
Our Mission and Values
Our Clients
We were among earliest enterprises in the Chinese cold chain industry - providing refrigerated container transportation service in China since asearly as 1990. Customer focus and having a service mindset are all part of the company's culture. Yonggui has won many praises from the hundreds
of customers it has served. Along the way it established long-term cooperation with many of these customers, some well-known global brands. Among
its many accolades:
I . Yonggui has built the transportation network around China
2. Through its hubs in Shanghai and Chengdu, the company has matured distribution system and delivery network covering eastern
China as well as south-west China region, with capabilities to service all channels···

Our Mission and Values
Our strengths are in providing value adding services to customers who demand high level of service at competitive prices.

-Customer Oriented
– Integrity & Reliability
– Win-Win
– Innovation & continual improvement
Our Clients
Our customers are mainly multinational companies with strength and domestic leading enterprises

Our customers come from many countries, distributed in different industries

For example
Coca Cola, McDonald's, Yili, Mengniu Changxing Electronics
Yang Sen, Xi'an
Xia Hui, anda

Yonggui cold chain enterprise website officially launched

Yonggui cold chain enterprise website officially launched

Yonggui cold chain enterprise website officially launched

With our own core technology, we should have our national world brand. To become a first-class enterprise, the key is to cultivate a first-class independent brand—— Hu Jintao

———— Industry news————
Provide new and detailed news and information of the industry, and provide customers with fast, safe, convenient and high-quality logistics services with high security

———— Cooperative customers————
With high-quality service, professional technology and safety protection, it has been praised by many customers


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